Billing Clerk Job Description, Duties and Skills

Billing Clerk is the person who gathers records of all the transactions of services provided or goods sold, calculates the total amount of these services and goods and then makes invoices that are mailed to customers.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To calculate how much money has been owed by customers and then prepares a customer’s bills.
  • To gather all records and documents in order to calculate the total amount unpaid by the customers.
  • To add special discounts and credit rates in to the account.
  • Person will operate typewriter, calculator or computer to accumulate and organize customer charges.
  • To figures out costs and percentage of work done.
  • To keep on contacts with customers in order to keep customer’s information up to date.
  • To issue credit memos on daily basis
  • The person will also be responsible to maintain accounts payable

Skills and Qualities Required

  • Administrative writing skills
  • Date entry skills
  • Basic mathematic skills
  • Basic accounting software skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Research skills
  • Planning skills
  • Pressure handling skills