Car Driver Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Though the job of a Car Driver mainly consists of driving a car, that’s not the only thing he/she is expected to do; there are a host of other duties and tasks as well. Given below is a sample job description for the position of Car Driver:

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance of all the equipments of the vehicle like brakes, horns etc.
  • Notifying any problem relating to the vehicles to the dispatchers.
  • The cars which are usually driven include Taxi cars, company cars or private owned vehicles.
  • Following all the legal rules and regulations while driving.
  • Move with scheduled routine such as picking passengers at pre-arranged locations, taxi stands, etc.
  • Perform routine monitoring such as regulating the tire pressure and all other functions as well.
  • Picking of employees on their requests or according to their scheduled time table is also included in the job contents of a car driver.
  • Drives the van with the availability of wheel chair lifts for the transportation of special needs.
  • Communicate with dispatcher on radio, telephone or computer and also receive the information or requests for passenger services.
  • The position is liable to give full information about the trips which includes Recording of name, date and taxi identification information and it also includes the information about pickup and drop time, etc.
  • Provide complete information about the accident when necessary.
  • Provide assistance to the passenger while entering and exiting vehicle.
  • Determination of fares is also included in its job description which is usually in accordance with distances, time.
  • Play some role in minor repairing such as cleaning spark plugs and taking the vehicles to the mechanic for service.
  • Turning on the meter when customer enters in to the vehicle and turning it off after reaching the final destination.
  • Picking up customers with an arranged schedule.
  • Vacuum the interior, the driver is responsible for washing and polishing of the exterior of the car.
  • Taking new assignments from Taxicab services.
  • Also act as a guide that provides information about all the locations to the customers.