Commercial Artist Job Description, Duties and Skills Required

A commercial artist is a person with an artistic backdrop who produces art design for promotional materials and commercials. A corporation or company will employ a commercial artist to depict their memo to the world through some precise medium. A commercial artist will take on many diverse duties and generally work with a corporation from start to end on a particular advertisement campaign.

Duties and Responsibilities

The general duties and responsibilities of a commercial artist are:

  • Get together with clients to determine their visions.
  • Make artistic layouts and designs.
  • Follow the development of such layouts and designs and create a top quality finished product to the client.
  • From start to finish, ensuring that the objective of the corporation is understood through the commercial artist’s formation.
  • Review the proposed plans and offer suggestion in the best way to get started with the formation.
  • Confer the clients along the way to make sure that they are getting exactly what they are paying for, with look upon to the creative creation and determine any changes which need to be made.

Skills and Qualities Required

The required skills are:

  • Able to photograph items from time to time of the designs and the layouts because it will change quite frequently.
  • Ability to document each layout with photographs. That’s why commercial artists should possess adequate photography skills.
  • Able to use many computer programs to design the specific layouts.
  • Should have strong communication skills both verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to speak or give presentations to the clients.