Program Officer Job Description Sample

Here is a sample job description template for the position of Program Officer:

Company: _____________________

Job Title: Program Officer

Location of the Job: NEW YORK, NY 10022

Job Type: Full Time Employee

Job Description:

New Visions for Public Schools is seeking to hire a Program Officer to support the work of residents and mentors in its Urban Teacher Residency program.​

Position Requirements:

  • Computer literacy in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.​
  • Bachelor’s Degree.​
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills, including writing and editing.​ Meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality.​
  • Excellent organizational skills, including ability to set and follow priorities, work on multiple projects simultaneously, and meet deadlines.​
  • Experience in project/​financial management, budget development, tracking, and reporting.​
  • Effective at both collaborative and independent work, able to take direction but work with modest level of supervision.​

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform all aspects of the Officer Assignment selection process as directed by the government client.
  • Negotiate and validate all Memoranda Of Understanding necessary for Special Access Required Programs and perform all travel necessary to affect them.
  • Provide onsite support to improve the effectiveness of management processes and procedures to the Directorate of Assignments, Special Programs Assignments Division, AFPC/DPAX.
  • Perform all aspects of the Enlisted Assignment selection process as directed by the government client.
  • Establishes the interface between AFPC, the Air Staff, the National Reconnaissance Office, DoD agencies, and other classified Systems Program Directors.

Salary: 19,000.00 – 25,000.00 USD /year

Contact Information:

[Contact Person]

Phone: ______________________

Fax: ________________________

E-mail: ______________________