Sample Job Description for Applications Programmer

Applications Programmer is a person who works with the large databases and managing the applications or administration issues to fulfill the customer needs. Given below is a sample job description for the position of Applications Programmer:

Summary of the Job

  • Working with huge databases.
  • Manage applications tools.
  • Managing administration issues.
  • Managing systems for supporting lots of users.
  • Learning new programming languages.
  • Working as a system analyst and developer.

Required Skills and Qualities

  • Very good in communication skills.
  • Excellent Knowledge about application software.
  • Have a very good programming logic.
  • Team worker and self confident.
  • Very good oral and written communication skills.
  • Have a sense of commitment to meet goals.
  • Familiar to the new technologies.
  • Ability to solve hardware and software problems.
  • Good analyst and problem solving skills.
  • Very good command over object oriented concepts.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for developing of different application.
  • Handling different tools to design and manage databases.
  • Maintaining the applications.
  • Customizing applications or managing new modules and specifications.
  • Ensure work quality and the development and maintenance of standard procedures.
  • Accurate work breakdown structure for new projects.
  • Managing the time estimation of task completion.
  • Perfect completion of time sheet.
  • Handle the project team and regularly inform the project manager about the daily tasks.
  • Conduct training and educate the contract developers or internees.
  • Performing unit testing.
  • Developing system specification.
  • Create software documentation.
  • Updating company’s calendar.
  • Keeping project status up-to-date.

Education, Qualification and Experience

  • Professional education (2 years masters or four years bachelor).
  • 3 years experience in programming.
  • Able to understand object oriented programming and have a command over this type of programming.
  • Command over MYSQL databases.
  • Very good knowledge about Unix Operating System.