Sample Job Description for Engineer

An engineer makes scientific research and calculations. He designs and completes a project related to his field of engineering. He performs all the tasks and duties related to his project’s completion. Given below is a sample job description for the position of Engineer:

Job Summary

An engineer takes the complete responsibility of a certain project and ensures its completion in the desired way. He helps in cost estimation and the ultimate reduction that can be brought in the cost.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recognize customer’s need in the project and see to his prior requirements in the project.
  • Discuss the project with the customer and gain his confidence.
  • Advise his customer in a professional manner and work for his benefit but the final decision about the project specifications always lies with the customer.
  • After getting the specifications, design the project.
  • Calculates the total cost on the project.
  • Bring alterations in the project to reduce as much cost as he can.
  • Give his final design in written to the client.
  • Get the design approved by the client and discuss its benefits with him.
  • Make the model of the design and submit it to the client and company in order to present his idea to the client clearly.
  • Provide help and complete guidance to the team working with him for the success of the project.
  • Test the efficiency of the design after it is completed.
  • Get the design checked and signed by the client before submission.

Skills and Qualification

  • He should have a bachelor degree in engineering.
  • He should be capable of project and team management.
  • He should be able to communicate the ideas that his project delivers in oral and written form.
  • He should have at least an experience of three years in the discussed field.