Sample Job Description for Residential Worker

Following is a sample job description template for the position of Residential Worker:

Job Title: Residential Worker

Location of the job: Menlo Park, NJ 08818

Years of Experience: 1+ to 2 Years

Job Type: Full Time Employee

Education Level: Associate Degree

Job Summary:

We are seeking Residential Aide /​ Direct Care Worker

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collects, sorts, and counts laundry and prepares laundry slips for soiled sheets, towels, pillow cases, and blankets.
  • Meal reminders, Companionship, Bathing assistance, Dressing and grooming, Bedtime assistance
  • Makes beds, changing linens according to set schedules. Changes soiled beds, ensuring that mattresses are washed and aired out and bed frames are sanitized.
  • Washes the inside and outside of windows and screens according to set schedules.
  • Light housekeeping, Laundry, Meal preparation and monitoring
  • Cleans and sterilizes bedpans and other equipment as indicated.
  • Empties waste receptacles, trash cans, and so forth.

Position Requirements:

  • Knowledge of cleaning and washing windows, screens, and floors, waxing and polishing floors, and dusting furniture.
  • Knowledge of the preparation and use of types of laundering compounds and solutions.
  • Knowledge of and skill in the proper operation and maintenance of washers, dryers, presses, and other laundry equipment.
  • Knowledge of the use of laundry soaps, detergents, bleaches, and other compounds.
  • Knowledge of the procedures, materials, and equipment used in large scale laundries and/or linen rooms.
  • Knowledge of the proper use and minor adjustment of sweepers, vacuum cleaners, floor waxers and polishers, and other equipment.
  • Knowledge of general safety precautions to be observed.