Translator Job Description, Duties and Skills Required

A translator converts important documents into required language. He also interprets messages in required languages. A Translator helps the firm in understanding messages and documents written in foreign language. He helps in dealings with companies based outside the country.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • He is responsible to convert important documents (provided in foreign language) into an understandable language.
  • He converts telephonic messages in foreign language into the required language.
  • He is often given the job to convert original written material in a foreign language in order to attain market in that country.
  • He is responsible for keeping communications with the assigned companies.
  • He is assigned the job of converting literary material in the foreign language.
  • He may have to convert scientific research reports in the required language.
  • He may have to use different software of the required languages.
  • He may have to use internet and other computer tools in the translation process.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • He should own degrees in both of the required languages.
  • In case he does not have a degree in one of the languages, then he should prove his command on the language in order to attain the job.
  • He should be able to work independently.
  • He should know both the languages to a very good extent, and should be able to read, write and speak in the required languages.
  • He should know the common technical terms used in the required languages.