Production Assistant Job Description Sample

Given below is a sample job description template for the position of Production Assistant:

Company: _____________________

Job Title: Production Assistant

Location of the Job: San Bernardino, CA 92410

Job Description:

This position is part of a team that ensures accurate and prompt product uploading on our online store.​

Position Requirements:

  • Monitors process of production and ensures vendors adhere to set timelines
  • Responsible for pre-production preparation, communicating orders to vendors, and communicating established standards
  • Interacts with the merchant and vendor community to facilitate the sourcing of private label products
  • Negotiates prices with vendors
  • Assists in communicating Dick’s Sporting Goods requirements (including codes of conduct, vendor manuals, packaging, terms, etc.) to vendors
  • Tracks orders to ensure timely deliveries
  • Tracks future and existing business in detailed spreadsheet
  • Educates and manages the manufacturer’s use of sourcing software
  • Communicates with factories to execute timelines and ensure shipping compliance
  • Coordinates the development of products/samples

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Past experience with a non-profit is a plus.​
  • Knowledge of Windows 2000/​XP, MS Office applications
  • Flexible and capable of multi-tasking in an active environment
  • Strong organizational skills, detail-oriented, computer skills, strong problem solving ability and comfortable working with academic materials
  • Ability to work with people who have a wide range of skill sets and backgrounds

Salary: $13,000.00 – $15,000.00 /year

Contact Information:

[Contact Person]

Phone: ______________________

Fax: ________________________

E-mail: ______________________