Sample Job Description for Attorney

Find below a sample job description for the position of Attorney:

Job Description

An attorney is supposed to represent his client in the court of law. He is supposed to defend his client or prosecute the defenders as required by his legal obligation. He may have to act as a trustee, adviser or legal consultant for a business agency or client. An attorney helps a firm in taking its legal decisions. He helps the firm in taking best and beneficial decisions and warns a firm of the probable legal outcomes that an action can bring.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Advise the company in their business decisions, money transactions and legal pursuits.
  • Analyze the probable results of a case.
  • Prepare and draft legal documents for his clients, and also get them signed by the respective court.
  • Interpret different ordinances, sentences and concepts written in rule book at the request of his clients.
  • Represent his clients in court and in front of government agencies.
  • Study relevant constitution, statues and ordinances for better understanding of the situation of his client.
  • Research and field work in order to gather sufficient evidence for his client’s case.
  • Provide evidence in favor of his client in order to win the case.
  • Supervise his legal assistants.
  • Do business dealings as accorded by his legal practice.

Skills and Qualification

  • He should have studied law up to bachelor degree and should have been given the status of a lawyer by the said court.
  • He should have a good reputation in his law career.
  • He should have won at least seventy percent of the cases he took.
  • He should have worked as an associate in a law firm for a requisite period of time.