Sample Job Description for Business Continuity Manager

A Business Continuity Manager is responsible for ensuring continuity in and recovery of, business processes especially after a disaster or failure. For this, he needs to train, coordinate and guide employees from different departments of the organization to get the business up and running again. Usually a team is formed that works under and reports to the Business Continuity Manager.

Here is a sample job description template for the position of Business Continuity Manager:

Job Title: Business Continuity Manager

Location of the Job: ___________

Job Type: Full Time

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Job Summary:

We are looking for an experienced individual to take up the post of Business Continuity Manager (BCM). The position is responsible for developing and implementing plans and strategies to keep the company business running after disruptive events.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan and manage business contingency strategies with major focus on critical areas of the business
  • Keep the contingency machinery in ‘ready’ mode at all times so that rapid action can be taken for loss mitigation and asset protection in the event of any disruption.
  • Work with the concerned departments of the company in order to ensure that insurance terms and other regulatory obligations are satisfied to protect the assets of the company in case of disruption.
  • Setting up a system for timely identification and resolution of issues before they snowball into disruptive problems of magnanimous proportion.
  • Coordinate with the safety and security team to ensure all necessary security equipment are installed and are functioning properly.
  • Perform all administrative duties of the contingency department such as conducting staff meeting, monthly reporting, planning, documenting, etc.
  • Prepare a contingency training program and impart organization level training to all employees to deal with any unforeseen business disruption.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of the existing Business Continuity Plans and make necessary suggestions and recommendations to the top level management.

Position Requirements:

  • 4-8 years of working experience in supervisory or managerial position with at least 3 years of experience in project management.
  • Holds a certification from the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII) or Business Continuity Institute (BCI).
  • Comprehensive knowledge of managing projects.
  • Solid communication skills with ability to present clearly complex technical concepts to a ‘layman’ audience.
  • Knowledge of data security, finance, accounting, an added advantage.