Sample Job Description for Court Data Entry Clerk

A sample job description for the position of Court Data entry clerk is given below:

Job Description

The position of Data Entry Clerk accepts Criminal Offender Record Information and other data from different court departments for preparation and entry into the computer system. He receives and updates information from Criminal fairness Agencies and responds to requests for information from these agencies via Electronic Data Processing apparatus.

The position heading above the entry level performs more multifaceted and varied work. Employees are appropriate for reclassification to the higher level position title within this series dependable with the requirements for the higher level position title. The position title relapses to the entry level when there is a position.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Receive Criminal Offender Record in sequence and other Court Record Information from different court departments for preparation and entry into the data dispensation system.
  • Evaluate data to ensure accurateness.
  • Enter data to modernize criminal records following the codes and standards propagated by the Office of the Commissioner of experimentation.
  • Receive and respond to criminal record inquiries in fulfillment with standards.
  • Access files through knowledge of computer incurable and manual file system.
  • Process out of state criminal record requests for probation departments.
  • Receive notices of firearm renewal ineligibilities from various police departments.
  • Update and enter data into the data meting out system and prints copies for the CARI boss to review.
  • Execute related duties as necessary.
  • Provide a diversity of clerical and managerial support for other departments as essential.
  • Seal certain Criminal Offender Record Information on the Data dispensation System in agreement with recognized procedures.
  • Perform excellence control checks on Criminal Offender Record Information data and remove erroneous information in accordance with established procedures.
  • Perform special duties as required.
  • Execute all of the duties of the lower level arrangement title.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

  • A minimum of two years of knowledge as a Data Entry Operator
  • Comprehensive information of office procedures, data dispensation codes and systems.
  • Complete knowledge of court and experimentation standards.