Sample Job Description for Equipment Operator

A sample job description template for the position of Equipment Operator is given below. Please edit it as required.

Job Title: Equipment Operator

Years of Experience: 2+​ to 5 Years

Job Type: Full Time Employee

Education Level: Associate’s degree

Job Summary:

For biosolids spreading operation in southeastern PA counties.​ Company offers steady work competitive pay/​benefits.​ Ag experience and mechanical knowledge a plus.​

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lower bed of truck and drive to be loaded again.​
  • Drive truck to primary crusher/​stockpile and dump material into the primary crusher/​on the stockpile.​
  • Drive truck to pit/​stockpile and position truck for loading by loader operator/​storage bin.​
  • Report any defects to the supervisor
  • start engine and allow warm up period, check braking and steering
  • clean mirrors and windows
  • check oil, water, horn, lights, tires, windshield, windshield wipers, fire extinguisher, fuel, and seat belt
  • At the beginning of the shift, perform an inspection of the truck including but not limited to the following:

Position Requirements:

  • Understand and follow all safety procedures and guidelines within the DC.​
  • Read and interpret picking sheet to fulfill orders accurately and in a timely fashion.​
  • Accurately use basic math skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.​

Salary: 18.​50 – 20.​50 USD /​hour