Executive Assistant Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Here is a sample job description for the position of Executive Assistant.

Job Description:

Provide advanced managerial hold up by performing research, preparing arithmetic statements, management information appeals, and performing secretarial occupations such as preparing necessary documents, communication, getting visitors, arranging convention calls, and setting up meetings. May also teach and manage recessed secretarial staff.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supervise and uphold executive’s timetables.
  • Organize statements, information, notes, letters, monetary statements and other certificates, using word processing, worksheet, record, or management software.
  • Understand and examine received notes, compliances, and reports to resolve their importance and plan their allocation.
  • Release, sort, and share out inward communication, as well as faxes and email.
  • File and reclaim business documents, evidences, and reports.
  • Meet visitors and determine whether they should be given access to exact characters.
  • Organize responses to communication containing regular investigation.
  • The capability to understand and recognize information and suggestions accessible in writing.

Skills and Requirements

This position will require the following skills and knowledge:

Knowledge: The information of executive and secretarial procedures and systems such as word processing, running files and records, dictation, crafty forms, and other office procedures and vocabulary.

English Language: Awareness of the makeup and content of the English language as well as the sense and spelling of words, rules of work, and syntax.

Customer and Personal Service: He/she must have the information of principles and procedures for providing client and individual services. This includes client needs evaluation, gathering excellence standards for services, and assessment of client fulfillment.