Sample Job Description Template

A Job Description is crucial for the success of a job designation. It defines the responsibilities assigned to an employee against a set of designated authorities.

  • It provides an opportunity to clearly communicate your company direction and they tell the employee where he or she fits inside of the big picture.
  • It sets clear expectations for what you expect from people.
  • It helps you cover all your legal bases.
  • Whether you’re recruiting new employees or posting jobs for internal applicants, it tells the candidate exactly what you want in your selected person.
  • Well-written employee job descriptions help organization employees, who must work with the person hired, understand the boundaries of the person’s responsibilities.

Job description should include

A job description should be able to give your prospective employees a clear idea about their job responsibilities and what is expected of them. A good job description should include:

  • The job title
  • The company name
  • The location of the job
  • The Industries of the job
  • Job Type: Full Time Employee or Part Time Work
  • Years of Experience
  • The position in the company, including the job title of the person to whom the employee will report and of those who will report to them
  • A list of the main duties or tasks of the employee
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • The training and education needed
  • What workers do on the job
  • Working conditions
  • Salary and benefits

Sample job description template

Here is a Job Description Template that can help you create professional looking comprehensive job descriptions for almost any job designation.


JOB TITLE: ___________________________________________                        DATE: ___________________

REPORTS TO: _________________________________________                       DEPT: ___________________

APPROVED BY: _____________________________________

SUPERVISES: ____________________ (number of employees)

MANAGER’S SIGNATURE: _____________________________________


State the general nature, level and purpose of the job and provide a brief description of the duties and responsibilities. This paragraph will be used for the job posting. It may be easier to write the general summary after completing other sections of the job description.


If applicable, provide the number of employees and the jobs of the staff reporting to this job.


Identify the functions or tasks that employees in the job perform. The essential functions should state the purpose of the work and the results to be accomplished, rather than how the function is performed. Of the tasks listed, what percentage of time is devoted to each? The more time employees spend on a function, the more likely it is that the function is essential.


Duties listed in this section are not essential or intrinsic to the job but are performed at times. Included in this section should be a general statement such as. “Perform other duties as assigned.” This phrase allows the supervisor to assign sporadic or one-time tasks as needed.


Identify the minimum skills, knowledge and abilities required to competently perform the job duties. Please complete this section in bullet form and include suggested minimum years of related experience, e.g.


This section should include the required educational background, work experience, skills, knowledge and abilities.


Preferred job specifications may be used to enhance success in the search of the candidate. These specifications do not disqualify candidates without them from consideration.


Identify all licenses or certifications required by law or policy to perform the duties.


Employee Signature: ___________________________                             Date: ___________________

Supervisor’s Signature: __________________________                           Date: ____________________