Administrative Assistant Job Description, Duties and Skills Required

An administrative assistant has an important job in the firm. He is important also for the fact that he is to setup and administrate all file work. He is responsible for making and taking appointments for the firm. He administrates the employee situations. He has the responsibility to administrate and keep the record of each employee. He is assigned the job of employee management and reporting of their work status.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • He has to manage the records of all the employees that are presently working in the office.
  • He has to answer the calls and transfer them to the employs or head as per required.
  • He is responsible for the management and sorting of the mail and deliveries.
  • He has to maintain the official mailing address. He is responsible for answering and sorting of all the mail.
  • He is responsible for answering the queries of the visitors and he has to treat them well and professionally.
  • The problems that the employees face are solved by him.
  • He screens and forwards the CV’s sent by candidates.
  • He selects and buys office furniture and accessories when required.
  • He should have a good social network in order to arrange meetings and appointments easily.
  • He would have to maintain hard copy of every document.
  • He has to arrange meetings and appointments.

Skills Required:

  • He must have taken a course in administration assistance.
  • He should have a responsible and systematic nature.
  • He should have adequate knowledge of data entry.
  • He should be capable of using recent technology and data entry software in an expert manner.
  • He should have extremely fast typing speed.