Sample Job Description for Accounts Payable Clerk

An Accounts Payable clerk is a supportive person who provides assistance in financial and administrative issues and gives assurance about the efficiency, financial accuracy and administrative stability of an organization.

Following are some sample job description templates for the position of Accounts Payable Clerk that will help you find the right person for the job.

Sample Job Description 1:

Job Profile

An Accounts payable clerk is connected with Director of Finance and is entitled to provide his/her clerical, financial and administrative duties. Accounts payable clerk job consists on the monitoring of payments, expenditures, prepaying and payroll system. When these services are provided in an efficient and satisfactory way, hence it ensures that municipal finances are stable, accurate and up to date. Thus it also gives a clear idea about the sound and in time payments of staff’s salaries. In addition it also ensures the firm that vendors and suppliers are paid in time and in a well defined manner.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

An Accounts Payable clerk is responsible for following:

  • In performing the routine account payable transactions to ensure accuracy and effectiveness of all transaction, it includes verifying and receiving invoices, goods and services requisition, verification of compliment of financial procedures with transactions, preparation of Batches of invoices for data entry, managing the weekly check run, preparation of vendor’s check for mailing purpose, maintaining lists of accounts payable, maintenance of general ledger and printing and the distribution of monthly financial reports.
  • Completion of payroll functions in order to ensure the accuracy and in time payments of staff. It includes, development and maintenance of employee’s confidential file, verification of paid amounts; working hours; deduction etc, coding verification and obtaining the signatures of employees, entrance of data for payroll information, distribution of pay checks and remitting the source deduction and payroll tax.
  • Provision of Administrative services in order to ensure efficiency and stability of routine workups. It includes, maintenance of inventory files, maintenance of proper filing system for all the financial documents and ensuring the security and confidentiality of all employee and financial files.

Skills and Requirements

The person must be proficient in the following areas:

  • Preparation of account payable and account receivable and maintenance of general ledger.
  • The person should have the knowledge about the payroll functioning and procedures.
  • The Account payable clerk must have the ability to maintain the financial and payroll information with high accuracy.
  • The Account payable clerk must be loyal in regards with confidentiality of financial and employee files.

Personality Qualities

  • Honesty and trustworthiness
  • Respectful and possesses the awareness of cultures and its sensitivity
  • Fulfilling the ethical conducts and should have the flexibility.

Sample Job Description 2:

Company: _____________________

Job Title: Accounts Payable Clerk

Location of the Job: Torrance, CA 90504

Job Description:

Dynamic Company has an ongoing opportunity for an Accounts Payable Clerk with experience in the non-profit industry. Position is long-term and essential job duties include matching, batching, coding and entering invoices, researching and resolving issues w/vendors, updating and reconciling the sub-ledger to the general ledger and other misc. duties as assigned.

Position Requirements:

  • Ability to perform task on a cycle basis with little to no supervision at times
  • Must be a team player and able to multi task
  • Possess attention to detail with high degree of accuracy
  • A strong work ethic
  • Experience with and working knowledge of MRI AP/PO and accounting modules
  • Ability to use MS Office (Word, Excel)
  • High School degree, 2 + years related experience strong computer skills

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Reconciling AP to General Ledger.
  • Staying on top of filing.
  • Coding, Matching, Data Entry.
  • Processing and Payment of Vendor Invoices.

Salary: $15,000.00 – $16,000.00 /year

Contact Information:

[Contact Person]

Phone: ______________________

Fax: ________________________

E-mail: ______________________