Sample Job Description for Assistant Project Manager

Given below is a sample job description for the position of Assistant Project Manager:

Job Summary

Assistant Project Manager is a fulltime administrator of projects or assistant of the large development projects. The work of assistant project manager is closely to the project manager from the progress of the product development to the conclusion.

The Role of Assistant Project Manager

  • Assisting and reporting regularly for the project status
  • Analytic approach for different situation or a good head of department
  • Organize and attend different project meetings with the team of this project
  • Check and ensure the agendas and circulars of meeting minutes regularly
  • Fully inform the project teams about their tasks.
  • Check the status of the project on daily basis.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide technical information about the company employees for the project to ensure that the project is compiling in each and every status.
  • Ensure that the project is compiling according to the standards, designs and specification.
  • Assisting the solution of the field problems and refer them to Project manager.
  • Assisting the plans of specification analysis for the best results in interpretation of architecture designs etc
  • Recommend different solutions for the problems of design document such as errors, conflicts etc.
  • Manage the quality control activities such as inspection programs, testing equipments etc.
  • Good command on document control function, compose agreements and maintain project expenditure.
  • Attend different meeting if required e.g. owner/contractor/architect/engineer meetings
  • Manage additional assignments and responsibilities by the request of supervision.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Four years degree in engineering or MBA (Project Management)
  • Plus minimum 5 years experience in engineering or required field
  • Working knowledge of equipment, technology and drawing specification.
  • Excellent Computer, software and typing skills.
  • Responsible and good communication skills oral and written.
  • Able to keep good records
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Careful and strong problem solving skills.
  • Establish the proper leadership in which the product is delivered on time with the good quality standard.